Earnings Disclaimer

I am NOT a marketer, but a "product ambassador", which means that the products & services I recommend, are ones I'm using myself. Get to know me here

Nevertheless, due to legal requirements, I have to point out the obvious: My results are not typical, because I am not typical. To reach the top of the 'food chain' or receive substantial financial rewards in any company that has any kind of compensation plan (affiliate, network marketing or member-gets-member) requires hard work.

Moreover I'm using this Google Blog only for showing how much I get paid. How much (or how little) anyone can make through any company, should not be confused with guarantees as there none in any area of life. The only certainty you have in life, is how we are one-day going to pass on the next level plain of existence.

For specifics on any company I endorse (based on paychecks) please refer to the official income disclaimers of those the particular companies.